Then I must be doing something right! 

I'm Elizabeth Le Craciun, the Head Planner & Stylist at Le Craciun. I guess that's obvious enough, I'll dig a bit deeper! Since middle school, I have been known to be the extremely detailed, (piano) geek/sporty girl who had a plan for everything! I've always done some form of event planning and wardrobe styling throughout my life but mostly for close friends and family. I did, however, complete an internship during university in Event Planning (uhh foreshadowing!!) It was always fun but I never took it seriously as a career. Coming from a strict and traditional family, planning and styling isn't exactly a career option. The focus was always on becoming some sort of recognized professional. So after growing a career I didn't fully love, I left my promising management position to take some time off and rediscover myself. It took me a long time to build the confidence and strength to do what I love regardless of others opinions.  But here I am! 

Let's make some memories together :) 

xoxo Elizabeth Le Craciun